– About RWSH –

Life is Like Skydiving

It’s exciting, exhilarating, and sometimes also a little scary because we can’t predict with a hundred percent certainty how things will turn out.

Fortunately skydiving has protocols in place to make it as safe as possible.

But when it comes to everyday life, not everyone has a plan.

The Ready When Stuff Happens Project wants to change that. It shows people how to plan ahead and prepare so they’re empowered even when the unexpected hits them.

RWSH helps:

  1. Make sure you’re not caught off guard.
  2. Protect the people you care about the most.
  3. Create the legacy you want to leave behind.

We all know things can change in an instant. With RWSH, even if life doesn’t go completely as planned, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ve prepared.

You deserve to enjoy today without worry hanging over your head. There’s no better time than now to take action!

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You have the power to create the best plans for your life and beyond. Do it for yourself and those most important to you.
Andrea WeckerleAndrea Weckerlefounder Ready When Stuff Happens