Planning Ahead is a Gift You Bestow on Your Family

As we get older, saying goodbye becomes more frequent. First we lose beloved companion animals, whose lifespans are often much shorter than our own. Then we lose our parents, other members of our extended family, and eventually cherished friends.

At each juncture, we’re reminded of our own mortality and the finite nature of time, knowing that one day we will be the ones leaving others behind.

When that day comes, likely the last thing we’d want to do is add to the burden of our loved ones who are already weighed down by grief. But unless we’ve planned ahead, that grief will be compounded by the frustration of having to make sense of and deal with the mess we’ve left behind. 

Imagine them desperately trying to locate your last will and testament because you didn’t let anyone know where you keep your important legal documents; having to guess how you want your social media accounts handled because you didn’t leave specific instructions; worrying about how to pay for and keep your companion animals safe because you didn’t make financial provisions; or agonizing over what kind of funeral service and burial you would want because you never talked about your wishes.

All of this is avoidable.

Remember, planning ahead is a loving gift you bestow on your family. 💖

If you’re not sure where to begin, start by doing the following:  
  1. Declutter your home. 
  2. Designate what special items you want to leave your loved ones.  
  3. Update your last will and other important legal documents.  
  4. Ensure your life insurance is still current
  5. Create a durable power of attorney for digital assets.
  6. Make provisions for your companion animals.