Do Now What Needs to Get Done So You’ll be Ready Later

On the global stage, there’s no shortage of problems that need addressing. Yet often people refuse to look reality in the face, preferring to coast along and pretend nothing is happening until they’re forced to pay attention or an issue impacts them directly.

The same applies to our own lives. Problems don’t disappear by ignoring or wishing them away. Inaction can increase the risk of a bad outcome, while delays in taking action rob us of the opportunity to do something to mitigate an issue or situation.

Think of it this way: Proactive > responsive > reactive > inactive.

Being proactive is all about planning ahead and not leaving things to chance. It’s about contingency planning.

When it comes down to it, how well we do in a crisis often depends on how well we’ve planned and prepared. And if you do the work now, later will be easier.

Here are some ideas to get started:

  1. Create and carry an Emergency Contact Card.
  2. Make a Grab It & Go list.
  3. Create an Advance Healthcare Directive.
  4. Make a home inventory of your possessions.